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July 10th 2012

I don’t even remember why I made this account. I barely use it. 

I wanna see lots of Doctor Who gifs. It’d be fun. I’m gonna go and search them.

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Amazing! I wanna buy their albums so bad but I have to wait till I get money. I cannot wait.

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March 11th

I came back home yesterday. I was at a confirmation camp. I miss everybody a lot. I had the most amazing time over there. If I would know how amazing it is going to be I  would have been waiting for it impatiently. I didn’t even feel like going there when I had to. Such an amazing experience! 

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I don’t know which one is the earliest but I’m going to try.

I remember when I was about 1 or 2 years old and I woke up sometime in the night. I woke up my dad and we drank some water and played some card game. I remember that I felt really good that time.

February 20th

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain! R.I.P. 

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February 18th

It’s already 7.40pm and we haven’t eaten lunch. I start getting hungry. Of course I have ate some other food today but still it’s been a while from it. 

I don’t like the fact that tomorrow is Sunday. I have to do my homework then. Although if I’m still sick I think I don’t have to do them, yet. 

I off to watch TV. It’s time for Putous (Finnish TV show).

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She’s amazing! I wish I could be as talented as she is. I’m gonna download her album from CD Baby soon. 

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February 17th

I just watched Blue Valentine. Now I’m completely bored. I’d appreciate if you could tell me some websites I could visit in or anything I could do. 

I have a little headache. I wish it would be already 2013 that my comprehensive school would end. I would be able to go high school and hopefully away from this city. If I could go abroad to high school I would be very lucky.

Maybe I’ll play The Sims 2 (lol) for a while. I can’t wait till iPhone 4S is back in stock that I can order it. Although I have to get a permission from my parents to buy it. I would pay it of course. Monthly payment isn’t hard. Otherwise I have to forget the whole iPhone. I can’t pay it all at once. It would be freaking awesome if I can buy it. I really hope it will be back in stock next week.

Anyway. See you later I guess. Bye! 

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